Embracing The Sacred Within

Sunday, April 22, 2018 |  1:30PM – 5:00PM  | The Starr Studio


“Yogi Bhajan was very clear in his message that women are going to be pivotal in this next period of humankind on earth;  women need to step into their own power while creating a kinder, more conscious, gentler world.” ~ Ramdesh Kaur


DETAILS:  Are you a spiritually minded woman seeking meaningful ways to nurture, create, heal, connect to, and know the feminine aspects of your Self?  Are you interested in transformational, soul-sustaining ways to elevate your feminine consciousness and connect deeply with yourself?  If yes, then this Intensive has been designed with you in mind! 

This unique intensive is a Kundalini Yoga-based learning experience designed specifically for women.  It is a master class to help women explore the four inner feminine truths:  woman as nurturer, creator, intuitive and healer-teacher. Through specially chosen teachings, discussion, experiential activities, and practical applications you’ll connect with and heal any imbalance in your own feminine truths, while invoking, reclaiming, and integrating the gifts of the feminine spirit.  

WHAT WILL YOU EXPERIENCE?  Through the power of chanting, live music, meditation, breath work, discussion, ancient wisdom, storytelling, and like-minded community we’ll explore:

  • How to come into the present moment, connect with, and honour the wisdom within.
  • Three simple ways to assess and align your soul’s intentions by mastering inner balance, projection, and strength.
  • A potent guided experience to come in touch with an open-hearted, deep knowledge of who you are.
  • How the “Four Feminine Truths” can transform your inner reality and your projection in the world.
  • The secret bridge to tap into the light of your grace and connect with the essence of the Divine Mother. 
  • How to connect with your innate creative power to clear obstacles, support freedom of action, and uplift your unique creative expression in the world. 
  • One impactful technique to experience the bliss of going from darkness (ignorance) to light (consciousness); cleansing and clearing limiting karma while strengthening your intuitive power.
  • The tools to help you heal your experiences of, and relationship with, the inner masculine and feminine and the outer reflection of that in the world. 
  • Approaches to invoke the mature and sacred manifestations of the masculine and feminine energies within. 
  • How to recognize, value and serve the feminine essence within, so you can fall deeply into you; cultivating a harmonious relationship between your inner feminine and masculine energies, manifesting in one’s life as grace, strength, and the radiance of EVERY woman.


Tracy Gawley, Sharlene Starr & Lisa Weleschuk

WHEN:  Sunday, April 22, 2018.  1:30pm – 5:00pm.

WHERE:  This Intensive will be held in Sharlene’s private residence in the Parkhill/Stanley Park neighbourhood of SW Calgary, not far from Chinook Mall.  The address will be included in your registration confirmation message.

FRAGRANCE FREE ENVIRONMENT:  For the comfort and health of everyone at this Intensive, please respect our fragrance-free environment.  Please refrain from wearing perfume or anything with a strong scent as several people have let us know they have chemical sensitivities and have allergic reactions to fragrances.  We’d really hate to have to ask you to leave, if you are “strongly scented.”

COST:  The fee for this special intensive is $50 (+GST).  Registration and payment is required in advance and will be processed online only.  A confirmation email will be sent to you with further details after your registration is processed (i.e. address, what to bring, parking, etc.).  Please note that if you have registered and are unable to attend, we’d be happy to have you transfer your registration to another person as refunds will not be offered for this Intensive.

REGISTRATION:  Thank you for your interest!  Online registration is now closed.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist for this offering, please send an email to Support@SharleneStarr.com.