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In Kundalini we learn through movement, mantras, mudras, mindset, and pranayama. The key is allowing yourself to experience the link between meditation, spiritual exploration, and practical outcomes.



  • I’ve travelled the globe to learn with the best legacy teachers, been teaching since 2009, and am a Certified Level 3 Teacher bringing a depth of experience and nuances to each class that lead to transformation and healing.
  • I create proven, step-by-step, meditation healing systems.
  • Ancient wisdom shared in practical ways for our modern times.
  • Custom play lists, customized handouts, and guidebooks enhance class themes.
  • Archived classes for replays.
  • A welcoming and loving community of like-minded women.


I offer uniquely-themed Kundalini Meditation classes, workshops, programs, and 5-day challenges to help women reach their highest potential; focusing on excellence to achieve good in our lives and in the world. I take the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and transform them into life lessons that you can apply off the mat, into your life, and out into the world.

My Immersions are intentional and theme-based to pack in as many valuable techniques as possible. If you are just starting, or have practiced Kundalini Meditation before, my multi-level classes are perfect for you. All levels, all ages, all body-types, all women… are welcome.

Health, Healing, Happiness & Wholeness Start Here…

A big heartfelt welcome to you!  I am honoured to offer Kundalini Meditation ONLINE Live classes and self-study programs focused on helping women, just like you, to heal themselves. Kundalini Meditation has made a tremendous difference in my life, and healing path, and now it can help you too.  

I warmly invite you to explore the site and find what resonates with you, just click on my current offerings below for further details and to see how I can guide, support, and be of service to you.  It would be my great privilege to work with you.

The RISE! Immersion

RISE ABOVE LIFE’S CHALLENGES! This Kundalini Meditation-based program is a 6-week Immersion for women who want a navigation tool for stress relief; a way to travel through adversity and build resilience. It’s a guiding light, a beacon of personal growth to help you travel in the right direction. If you’re burdened by life’s challenges, overwhelmed by stress, or feel like you’ve lost your direction… this program is for you.  Think of it as a 6-secret resilience formula.


Be the first to know when the next RISE! Immersion opens for enrolment in April 2021.