In Kundalini Yoga we learn through movement, breathing, and meditation. The key is allowing yourself to experience the link between yoga, spiritual exploration, and practical outcomes.


  •  I teach Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes certified through the Kundalini Research Institute
  • Weekly emails recap classes  and share resources
  • Custom play lists enhance class themes
  • Ancient wisdom shared in practical ways for our modern times
  • Free Kundalini Yoga videos on YouTube to aid your home practice
  • A welcoming and loving community of like-minded women


I offer uniquely-themed Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops to help women reach their highest potential; focusing on excellence to achieve good in our lives and in the world. I take the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga and transform them into life lessons that you can apply outside the classroom.

My classes are intentional and theme-based to pack in as many valuable techniques as possible. If you are just starting, or have practiced Kundalini Yoga before, my multi-level classes are perfect for you. All levels are welcome.


Upcoming Online Kundalini Yoga Women’s Series:     

“The Heart Of Being”  


WHAT’S NEW:  I’ve put my meditation video project on hold because, behind the scenes, I’ve been working really hard on my final Level 3 Teacher Training project.  It’s a 12-class online offering called, The Heart Of Being. Think of it as a toolkit of specially chosen breath techniques, movement sets, and meditations to quickly eliminate inner conflict, recharge yourself to better handle obstacles, bring forth the power of your being, be present, and clear blocks. The big idea is to elevate your life without hanging onto attachments, taking unconscious actions, needing to control everything, feeling like you are hitting walls, being inauthentic, or stuck in anxiety, fear, or anger.

THE BIG IDEA:  I’ll be sharing the audio files from my live classes and weaving them together with exceptional powerpoint decks, handouts, journal questions, and much much more so you’ll be supported when you take the classes and uplift your practice. I’m getting excited!   I’m working my way to completion…but want to provide you with a little teaser.

CONNECT:  In the meantime, LET’S STAY CONNECTED.  Lets keep in touch.  To receive information on upcoming classes, workshops, and special events, join my email notification list (CLICK HERE to sign up).  My social media pages are also great spaces for Kundalini Yoga inspiration and information join me on INSTAGRAM  or FACEBOOK.