In Kundalini we learn through movement, mantras, mudras, mindset, and pranayama. The key is allowing yourself to experience the link between meditation, spiritual exploration, and practical outcomes.



  • I’ve travelled the globe to learn with the best legacy teachers, been teaching since 2009, and am a Certified Level 3 Teacher bringing a depth of experience and nuances to each class that lead to transformation and healing.
  • I create proven, step-by-step, meditation healing systems.
  • Ancient wisdom shared in practical ways for our modern times.
  • Custom play lists, customized handouts, and guidebooks enhance class themes.
  • Archived classes for replays.
  • A welcoming and loving community of like-minded women.


I offer uniquely-themed Kundalini Meditation classes, workshops, programs, and 5-day challenges to help women reach their highest potential; focusing on excellence to achieve good in our lives and in the world. I take the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and transform them into life lessons that you can apply off the mat, into your life, and out into the world.

My Immersions are intentional and theme-based to pack in as many valuable techniques as possible. If you are just starting, or have practiced Kundalini Meditation before, my multi-level classes are perfect for you. All levels, all ages, all body-types, all women… are welcome.

Health, Healing, Happiness & Wholeness Start Here…

A big heartfelt welcome to you!  I am honoured to offer Kundalini Meditation ONLINE Live classes and self-study programs focused on helping women, just like you, to heal themselves. Kundalini Meditation has made a tremendous difference in my life, and healing path, and now it can help you too.

I warmly invite you to explore the site and find what resonates with you. As new offerings become available, I will post details and registration links here so you see how I can guide and support you.  It would be my great privilege to work with you.    Sat nam!