Kundalini Meditation…

Kundalini Meditation is meditation for awareness.  What makes it so different is the mix of pranayamas, mindset, mudras, mantras, and movement.


  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Strengthens self-knowledge
  • Builds mental clarity and centered calmness
  • Provides a path to reach your highest potential


Kundalini Meditation works with different breath techniques (pranayamas) to control and change mental, physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional states.


  • Balance energy levels
  • Boost the immune system
  • Connect you to your body and mind
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression



    Kundalini Meditation cleanses the mind so you can be mentally strong and know who you are.


    • Regulates emotions and mental wellbeing
    • Awakens your willpower and commitment to your Self
    • Heightens mental awareness, creativity, and problem solving
    • Results in clear thinking, better concentration, and improved memory


    Kundalini Meditation involves the use of hand gestures (mudras) that guide energy in the body for different outcomes.


    • Recharge energy levels
    • Provide tranquility and peace
    • Strengthen inner knowing and wisdom
    • Improve metabolism, digestions and vitality


    In Kundalini Meditation repetition of intentional words and phrases (mantras) weave layers of meaning and subtle healing vibrations into your practice.


    • Facilitate being present
    • Reign-in the wandering mind
    • Support you to handle all aspects of life
    • Expands your awareness of your true Self


    In Kundalini Meditation, movement (or non-movement) creates specific effects in the body.  The science of angles is the secret to stimulating glands, organs, and awareness.


    • Stabilizes emotions
    • Directs the flow of energy for best advantage
    • Increases flexibility, muscle tone, and nerve strength
    • Tunes-up the nervous, immune, and glandular systems

    Kundalini Meditation Is About...Awareness!

    Kundalini Meditation is the perfect exploratory approach for our modern times.  This technology brings health, wellbeing, and conscious living to all who practice it on a regular basis.  I share the beneficial lifestyle approaches of Kundalini Meditation to help people achieve whole health (integrating mind, body, soul, and emotions) through education, experience, and community.


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    What Students Are Saying…

    Kundalini Yoga & Mediation is transformational!  Don’t just take it from me, let some of my students do the talking!

    “You are a healer teacher Sharlene, keep doing what your intuition tells you because you are changing lives.  One of the great discoveries from Kundalini is the power music has when doing the practice.  Now I am singing and chanting all the time “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” and “Long Time Sun” every day!!  I feel happier than ever!
    ~ Maria Medina

    Before Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (only 7 months ago) I suffered regular bouts of depression, despite being on medication.  Since beginning classes, I’ve experienced only one and it was brief.  Overall, I feel much calmer and present in my life.  Since practicing Kundalini Yoga with Sharlene, I have experienced a shift away from ego driven choices to choices and decisions that support my authentic self (not conditioned responses or expectations external to me).  My soul connection and intuitive awareness is strengthening with every practice.  Sharlene is a passionate and caring teacher!  Sat nam.

    ~ Julie G.

    I work full time and I’m a mom to two children, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation really helps me keep my life balanced and it re-energizes me.  It helps with my sanity and it allows me to do physical activities that my busy schedule does not always allow me to.  With Kundalini Yoga I am discovering a new life path which I didn’t expect.  Awesome and beautiful changes.

    ~ Natalie Gingrich

    I am really happy with your Kundalini classes.  I like the class and how personal it is.  You are a good teacher and emit powerful positive energy to the group.

    ~ Sarah D.

    What is most valuable for me is hard to put into words, as I love it all, but I really like the meditative component with mudras and mantras.  All I want is more!  Since taking your class, my back problems have decreased, my spiritual awareness has increased and I feel more grounded.  You are sweet and personable, as well as knowledgeable and very enthusiastic.  Your personality brings a gentle humour and authenticity to the class.
    ~ Karin Guppy

    From the moment you begin doing yoga with Sharlene, you feel an instant connection.  She is easy to talk to, full of knowledge, and always ready to help you.  Her classes are full of variety.  Yoga with Sharlene helps me stay sane when things get crazy!  🙂  Thanks for all the help and support you have given me.  What is most valuable to me is the feeling I walk away with every class.  It is amazing!  Sharlene has inspired me to explore yoga.  She is an amazing person to share this experience with .  You are awesome!  Thanks for everything and I can’t wait to start the next session.
    ~ Audrey Baillargeon

    Sharlene is a great instructor!  She is wonderful!  Excellent!  Thank you!  As a result of this worshop I have a renewed focus/intent to revive my home yoga practice and to take care of my spiritual health.
    ~ Feedback from participants of the "Introduction to Kundalini Yoga for Women Workshop" For The Women's Health Region

    I feel so much calmer when I’m attending Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes.  I really enjoy the classes.  You are really organized and know exactly what you are going to teach us each week.  I like that we have a focus for each week of what we are going to work on.  I love attending Kundalini Yoga.  I feel so peaceful when I leave.  I hope I’ll be able to come for more classes in the future.

    ~ Jean W.


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