• welcome to kundalini yoga...

    In Kundalini Yoga, we learn through breathwork, postures, relaxation, and meditation.

    • Increase flexibility, muscle tone, and nerve strength
    • Build mental clarity and centered calmness
    • Relieve stress and tension
    • Boost self knowledge and awareness
  • breathwork...

    Kundalini Yoga works with breath exercises to control and change physical, mental, and emotional states.

    • Oxygenate the blood
    • Increase energy levels
    • Detoxify
    • Restore pH balance
  • postures...

    In Kundalini Yoga, posture sets create specific effects in the body. Angles are the secret to stimulating glands, organs, and awareness.

    • 1 year of Kundalini Yoga = 5 years of Hatha
    • Balanced glandular system
    • Emotional stability
  • relaxation...

    Relaxation is an essential part of yoga and allows your body to process your practice.

    • Integrates the benefits from the posture sets
    • Helps your body rejuvenate
    • Provides serenity and energy to your mind/body/spirit
  • meditation...

    In Kundalini Yoga, meditation approaches help quiet the mind so you can release your grip on the busyness of “doing” and just “be.”

    • Clarity of mind
    • Awareness of your authentic self
    • Being present

Yoga to awaken your mind, body, & soul!

Kundalini Yoga is the perfect exploratory approach for our modern times. This technology brings health, wellbeing, and conscious living to all who practice it on a regular basis. I share the beneficial lifestyle approaches of Kundalini Yoga to help people achieve whole health (integrating mind/ body/ spirit/ energetic/ emotional wellness) through education and community.

restore balance

Uniting the mind/body/soul into complete and total harmony. Restoring balance to your life.

stretch your mind

Theme-based classes help you look at life in new ways and breakthrough to greater levels of purpose, wisdom, and peace.

reach your potential

The perfect mix of flexibility, movement, strength, balance, and awakening to help you reach your full potential.

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