Health, Healing & Living Well Starts Here…

A big heartfelt welcome to you!  I am honoured to offer a trio of services focused on helping people, just like you, to heal themselves. My passions include Kundalini Yoga, Health Coaching, and Medical Meditations and now they come together in the specialized approaches and services I offer.  They have made a tremendous difference in my life, and healing path, and now they can help you too.  I warmly invite you to explore the site and find what resonates with you, just click on your topic of interest below to see how I can guide, support, and be of service to you.  It would be my great privilege to work with you.

Kundalini Yoga

This unique yoga is refered to as the yoga of awareness; an ancient system of breathing, chanting, meditations, and movement that allow you to live a healtier and happier life.  



Health Coaching

Working with a Health Coach helps you commit to behaviour and lifestyle changes that improve and restore your health.

Medical Meditations

Targeted meditations are utilized as medical therapy to bring energy to specific organs, glands, the mind, soul, and systems to accelerate and support your healing efforts.